Maiyas Restaurant

Authentic South Indian food has always won the hearts of foodies all over the world. When prepared right, it is tasty, healthy and satisfying. And every restaurant of ours has perfected this art. The food here is made from the authentic recipes, and even served in a specific order as per the tradition, so that every flavour of every dish is accentuated.

Our first restaurant, at Maiyas Jayanagar, today draws in over 50,000 people every day. Every floor of this iconic restaurant has its own individual kitchen with a master kitchen on the 4th floor. The 1st and 2nd floors serve authentic South Indian dishes. The 3rd floor, called the Swarna Mandir features the coveted Silver Thali Dining Experience - an authentic South Indian spread served in pure silverware; making it a must have. The 3rd floor also houses the Dancing Kadai, where you get to enjoy authentic North Indian dishes prepared by expert cooks from North India. The ground floor houses the entire range of our packaged products, ice-creams, eggless pastries, bakery products, beverages, sweets and more. This floor also has a take away counter and an exclusive coffee counter.

What started in Maiyas Jayanagar continues at our restaurants at Malleswaram, Indiranagar and Yeshwantpur. We welcome you to experience this taste of tradition, made with the most authentic ingredient – love.